What can I say…Europe is absolutely amazing!! Out of all the cities I’ve visited, Paris is definitely one that tops the list! Now what is this I hear about the French being stuck up and rude? A whole load of bollocks if you ask me (Gee, I’m even speaking like a Brit now). I’ve had nothing but pleasantries with people in France. Word of advice, it really helps if you at least attempt to speak the language. A “bonjour”, “s’il vous plait” and “merci” goes a long way.


It was here that I tried the two delicacies they’re known for – frog legs and snails. I was fine with the frog legs as I imagined it to taste like chicken, except a more tender and moist version. Not a moment of hesitation and I chowed it down to nothing, cartilage and all – yummmy! However, the thought of biting into something which I had always associated with slow and slimy ugly things, was a bit much for me. As I overcame the revolting fact and sampled the slippery little suckers, I was surprised to see how delicious they were. I will never ever look at a garden snail the same again! 

 My first time seeing real snow in the Swiss Alps was just incredible! Never did I imagine I would witness falling snow before. Looking at some of the slopes, It would be quite scary to go skiing there, something I still haven’t had the chance to do (yes, I’ve lived a sheltered life). As freezing as it was there, a few snowball fights later and we were warm in no time! 




 Italy, Italy, Italy. With their scrumptious pizzas, ever so tasty pastas and magnificent gelatos MmmM..Oh how I miss authentic Italian food. What I won’t miss is the effect of all the pigging out has done to my waistline. Hurry up love handles…be gone!! Nevertheless, it was definitely worth every calorie consumed. 

DSC00520 (1).jpg

Having just spent the last month travelling around Europe, I can tell you it’s sure damn hard to adjust back to reality. I have inevitably evolved into holiday mode, which I’m finding extremely difficult to snap out of. Can you blame me? Living in a city as amazing as London with so much to see and do…it’s a wonder why Im still jobless. So many distractions (or lame excuses) hindering my quest to find another job. I suppose it would help if I stop thinking to myself that this is one big endless holiday. After all, I do need to fund my travels somehow. I need to get out of that frame of mind…or at least till my next summer getaway. 

 Tomorrow I farewell the beautiful area that is Notting Hill, as I move into my permanent home within the business district. After countless viewings, I finally found a place that was perfect (thats provided I find work in Canary Wharf). Goodbye to the short walks for shopping, goodbye to all the tasty restaurants and cafes within close proximity, goodbye to the random strolls in Hyde Park whenever I pleased and most of all, goodbye to living with my girls Kasia and Vicky who have been like family to me.  Needless to say, I have definitely grown attached to this lovely neighbourhood in West London. But as I venture out on my own and explore other areas, I’m sure that East London will do me just fine. 

 Wish me luck 🙂

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x

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