New fitness regime begins tomorrow

Gone are the days of working out on my balcony, thank goodness! I've signed up to a perfectly priced gym, subsidised by work. In comparison to the other gyms out there, its extremely cheap. The plan is to work out during my lunch breaks, which means sacrificing precious eating time. Now if thats not dedication,... Continue Reading →

My perfect getaway

What a nice way to bring in the summer! Alicante did more than exceed my expectations. Perfect weather - average 30 degrees, excellent location, beautiful beaches, friendliest people, great nightlife!! Had the best time ever with my Polish pal.   Met a Cuban girl there who we partied with and she ended up inviting us over... Continue Reading →

Things are finally falling into place…

Okay so it took a little time, but I can positively say that I've well and truly settled into London life. Been living in the Docklands area for almost 2 months now. Still can't believe we're now in June. Boy does time fly! The weather here has warmed up significantly hitting into summer. And daylight... Continue Reading →

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