Things are finally falling into place…

Okay so it took a little time, but I can positively say that I’ve well and truly settled into London life. Been living in the Docklands area for almost 2 months now. Still can’t believe we’re now in June. Boy does time fly! The weather here has warmed up significantly hitting into summer. And daylight savings sees it getting dark at 9:30-10pm! Kinda plays with your mind sometimes as it doesn’t ever feel as late. Nevertheless, it’s great being able to enjoy the sunshine over here in London. Although it can occasionally rain from time to time. 

The long weekend was spent in Valencia where we sunbathed and frolicked in the sand. Definitely a nice and relaxing getaway. I think I’m all Paella’d out. I must have ordered that dish at least once everyday there. I might try for something different when I head back to Spain in about 2 weeks to soak up some more sun. Gazpacho perhaps? Although I’m not too keen on the thought of cold soup. 


View from our apartment

DSC01700The timing couldn’t have been any better as I had a new job waiting upon my return to London. The hunt to land a role was definitely a long-winded process. As things were very slow on the job front and I was approaching the 1 month mark of being unemployed, I actually contemplated becoming a waitress and/or bartender. Though I imagine being a bartender would be heaps fun! I soldiered on, door knocking only to be rejected. Such an awful feeling. One knock back and I gave up. I don’t handle rejection well.  But who was I kidding…don’t think I’m cut out to be in the hospitality industry anyway. 

 And so I continued on my quest to find a decent office job. A few weeks later, I found myself in a bit of a predicament being presented with 2 great opportunities. Thank you to those of you who I turned to, faced with such a dilemma. I know it must’ve been very annoying to see me to-ing and fro-ing between the two options. Thanks again for your input and patience with me. After much deliberation, I made my choice and I’m glad I stuck to my guns!

 My first day at work went by smoothly. There was so much to take in and it was a bit overwhelming but hopefully i’ll be able to get my head around everything down the track. It really helps to have a great boss. She is so lovely! Oh how I’ve missed the corporate world. It was a great feeling walking around London city at lunchtime today amongst all the suits and stilettos. I really need to find a lunch buddy…hate being a nigel! 

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x

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