I really need to find a new place to exercise!

The only downside to summer is you can no longer get away with hiding those winter flabs you’ve accumulated over the colder months. I’ve come to realise this fact and now am forced to do something about it. Getting trimmed and staying fit requires a lot of determination, dedication and discipline, all of which I have, to some extent (if you take food out of the equation).

So I considered my options:

 1) Gym

Why are their memberships so god damn expensive?! Taking into account how often I’d really make use of the facilities, it wouldn’t be financially wise for me to join. They should really give us more incentive to sign up.

 2) Running 

This didn’t last long as I couldn’t find any parkland close to where I live. Sure I could run on the streets but every time I approached a traffic light, I lost my rhythm. It’s so hard for me to start up again once I’ve stopped. 

 3) Working out in my room

Being on the 3rd floor, the sound of me jumping up and down didn’t sit too well with my neighbours downstairs. Gave that up!

 And so I was left with my very last option which seemed foolproof… 

 4) Exercising on my balcony

 I was a bit reluctant at first seeing as the balcony overlooks a main road. But heck, Im in London and nobody knows me here so who gives a toss if random drivers get a glimpse. Is it really rare to see someone exercise on a balcony? Because by the reactions I get, it’s almost as though I’m working out naked! Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that Im jumping around like a maniac! I have Jillian Michaels to thank for that. You know, the fitness guru from The Biggest Loser. Her workouts are great but super intense!!

 I don’t know if I can keep this up for long. There’s only so many times I can ignore the idiots who try to distract me. In the space of an hour, saw about 10 tour buses drive past. A full tour bus drove past once and literally everyone was banging on the window and giving off stupid faces. This one guy went so far as to stand below my balcony, looking up, reciting some bullshit, trying to channel Romeo or something?! I had some other idiot on the passenger side stick his whole upper torso out of a moving car to blow a kiss and almost fell out. I laughed inside.  Here’s a good one, I had a group give me a round of applause and cheered from afar today. That gave me some encouragement. So it raises the question….Should I continue with this workout regime? Or perhaps I should jump on the bandwagon and sign up to a gym, where workouts should really be done! Hmmm….

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x

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