Feels like insomnia…

Two days after getting back and Im still experiencing the aftermath of the party island that is IBIZA!! My god…what an experience!! I don’t think I’ve ever partied this hard in my life before or have been deprived of this much sleep for that matter. I struggled enormously trying to make it through the day today -as if Mondays weren’t bad enough! Stocked up on caffeine although it did nothing but see me in the ladies more often than not (a little TMI there oops!) The eye bags Im having to deal with now are sure worth it though.

 It takes clubbing to a whole new level. So much to experience, so little time (and money) – yes, definitely wouldn’t classify this trip as a cheap getaway. Be prepared to spend $$$! First night there, went to Space before checking out the foam party at Amnesia. Had to see what all the hype was about and I tell you what…they delivered! Initially I thought it would be massive amounts of water with a few bubbles here and there but when the foam came rushing down, it was just incredible! Think something along the lines of a gigantic bubble bath shared with thousands of other people. Im still living that moment in my head. LooOooved it! So much fun! 

 It’s approaching 1:30am on a school night and I still can’t get to sleep damn it! Time to force myself to avoid further zombie-like moments at work.

 Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x

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