Six months down the track

Extract from my very first blog:

 “Im really loving the experience so far. Sure its hard being out here on my own but I’m taking this as a learning curve..I’ve embraced my independence and will just take each day as it comes. It was quite daunting heading over here with no set plans in place…but it looks like I’ve been able to master the art of WINGING IT! Its liberating and exciting to be able to have this opportunity to not only discover myself, but the world around me.” 

 As I look back and reflect on my journey so far, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing that’s for certain. I’ve hit quite a few bumps in the road since being over here but despite all the mishaps, I’ve been able to keep my spirits high and put a positive spin on everything. I think that would be the best approach to making it over here. Don’t ever let anything get you down. Sure there will be times where you just wanna throw in the towel and fly back home where life is much easier. But stick it out and I can assure you, it’ll be the most rewarding feeling. 

 I have adopted a new outlook on “everything happens for a reason”, used to be sceptic of this saying, never really saw things from a different perspective, only what was written down in front of me and regrettably, would dwell on certain encounters which evidently was useless. Looking back now, I have learnt to appreciate the setbacks that have occurred, for if it weren’t for these events, I would not have the frame of mind and ultimately, be the person that I am today. 

 I have come a long way from the naive little girl who left Sydney 6 months ago. Now standing tall as ever, I am physically and emotionally stronger….ready to take on the world…ready to tackle anything life throws at me (or I shall hope so anyway!) 

“….I want to explore, be challenged, meet new people, let go of my limitations, release my inhibitions and ultimately have the biggest adventure of my life!! 

 This is still a work in progress. Having travelled across Western Europe, there’s still so much more of the world I want to explore and I endeavour to experience as much of Europe as I can, if time (and money) permits! I must admit, I haven’t met as many people as I initially imagined, although there is a significant handful of quality people.

The one thing I’ve struggled to do over here is to let go of my inhibitions. What is it that’s holding me back? Why cant I adopt that saying..”When in Rome…?” I think it’s partly because I still care about what people think. But what the hell for?! Im in London and nobody knows me so why should I even give a damn! I’ll keep telling this to myself and hopefully it sinks in sooner rather than later. 

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x

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