Mykonos…a place like no other!

Wow, where to begin?! The people, the food, the atmosphere, the clubs, the beaches…all amazing! This island did not disappoint! The master plan of winging my Greek Island trip saw us extending our stay in Mykonos not 1 night, but for the whole duration of our stay in Greece. Ios and Santorini will just have to wait till next year. 


 Firstly, kudos to the lovely family run apartments that we stayed at in Ornos. Great location – just a 2 min walk to the beach and 5 min bus ride (or 15 min walk) into town. The most friendliest and helpful people who made our stay all the more enjoyable. The locals there are so nice! This one shopowner even offered me a job as a checkout chick cause I said to him “I wanna stay in Mykonos forever”. 



Our days were spent soaking up the sun before heading to their beach parties, followed by a late dinner, pre drinks and rocking up to the clubs at around 2am. Partying all the way till sunrise…grabbing a greasy brekkie/hangover cure on our way home at about 8am. Sleep for a few hours before getting up and repeating the cycle all over again. 

Gyros – our brekkie/hungover cure

How awesome it was to get up close and personal to some of the most renowned DJs (ok, admittedly, I didn’t know who they were prior to meeting them). I didn’t think I’d be allowed into the VIP area, let alone right in the DJ booth. A little charm to the right person goes a long way! Either that or huge amounts of alcohol boosted my confidence to march up there and demand to be let in. 

 Oh get this, we witnessed a couple having sex on the beach…in broad daylight! A father walked past with his son having realised what was going on and tried to redirect his son’s attention away from the “scene”, it was hilarious!! 20 mins later they were still going at it and didn’t seem fazed by any onlookers. As if that wasn’t enough porn for one day…our ride home saw another couple who couldn’t control their hormones. I was the unfortunate one who sat next to a guy fingering some chick sitting on top of him. If they thought they were being discreet…they thought wrong! ….only in Mykonos! 

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x

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