Happy Birth-Month to me!

Forget birthday, this may very well have been a birthmonth! Celebrations kicked off as I decided to quit my job around the same time. Now who leaves a job without anything lined up? I do! Yes, knowingly how stupid and risky that is…I did it anyway! Not a care in the world, the party continued right through to Barca where tapas were consumed, drinks were sculled and dancing of all sorts were performed. Thank you to those dear to me who jetsetted along to share in the celebrations. What an awesome way to mark such a milestone!


Clearly still in the party mood upon my return from Barca, my partners in crime (you know who you are!) and I decide to paint the town red for one week straight, regardless of it being a school night or not. One of the benefits of being jobless – everyday feels like a weekend.

Next up, Krakow! We really had no expectations from this holiday other than it was going to be freezing and a big learning experience for us. But not just an eye-opener, the trip offered a lot more. We were amazed to see how good the nightlife there was (and this was mid-week!). Failure to pack any going out clothes, we glammed up in our down jackets – Polska style! Clubs were free and if there was cover charge, we had the option of going in first to check the place out to see whether it was worth paying, loved it! Oh and not to mention drinks were hella cheap, cocktails for 4 pounds, 9 shots for 5 pounds. And lets not get started on the food. Extra this, extra that! We ordered more because we could. Food there costed next to nothing. Definitely a surprisingly fun trip girls! 

Now having to face reality again, I find myself living in an expensive city without an income in the lead up to Christmas. Not a good combination at all. Perhaps I was a bit cocky in thinking that I could easily find another job after being offered two great roles the last time I was job-hunting. I need to earn some play money if I continue to sustain this lifestyle.

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x

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