Starting the new year with a …..

Yoga lesson, Bikram yoga to be exact! To counteract the destructive effects of excessive eating over the festive season, I made a couple of attempts to see what all the hot fuss was about. Despite its benefits such as increased energy, strength, flexibility and all that jazz – I gave up after the second lesson. 2 x 90 minutes of class trapped in a heated room trying to maintain various postures were enough for me to decide that yoga clearly is not for everybody – well more specifically, me for that matter. Oh and did I neglect to mention the studio reeked like old socks that hadn’t been washed for days, actually.. make that months, no – years! That factor alone was off-putting. It may have made a slight difference if there were floorboards as opposed to carpet soaking up everybody’s sweat…urgh! Something for the suggestion box I suppose. 

It’s hard to believe that around this time last year, I was on a 24 hour flight from Sydney to London – entering into the unknown with no set plans. All I knew was I wanted to experience, explore and discover. New places, new people, new cuisines, newly found independence! As I continue on with my adventure in 2012, I farewell my dearest best friend who I began this journey with, who was spontaneous and gutsy enough to pick up and leave Oz at my request. Thanks for braving the thought with me; if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have had the courage to take such a huge step in my life. Only bigger, more exciting things to come from now on.


Here’s to us for reaching the one year mark!! 

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x

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