Swapping Snow for Sunshine

How unfortunate for me, that the moment it begins to snow, I wasn’t around to witness it. I’m no fan of the cold but the possibility of being able to build an actual snowman, partake in snowball fights and make snow angels would have been enough to withstand the freezing weather. Kind of bittersweet when I think about it. As much as I enjoyed getting my dose of vitamin D whilst in Lisbon, I would have equally loved to experience the first snowfall in London. Having the glistening snow light up the streets, parklands and pavements would have been such a beautiful sight, especially at night – thanks to those who posted pics which allowed me to experience it vicariously through your photos!

I’d like to say that my Lisbon trip was great and heaps of fun but a few factors made me think otherwise. Firstly, all the unwanted attention from both males and females alike was a bit overwhelming for us. Have they not seen anybody of Asian descent before? Surely, they must be used to experiencing tourism at a high degree being the capital of Portugal and all.


I don’t intend to sound harsh and I mean this in the nicest possible way, but this trip was a little bit of a let down – sorry if I have offended anyone who begs to differ! Perhaps it could have been the timing of our visit and the lack of research that went into organising the trip. It goes without saying, we could’ve planned it much better rather than just wing it but I figured the best experiences are the spontaneous ones. It seemed like everything was either closed or opened late, much later.


It only occurred to us once we arrived there that the clubs don’t kick off till well after 2am. The bar that we ended up at required you to pay a cover charge not upon arrival but as you leave the venue. We’re each handed a card much like a bank card where the amount you spend on drinks gets charged onto your card and the balance is then paid off once you end the night. Interesting concept and a good way to handle cash but if you happen to lose your card – consider yourself trapped in there!

 I don’t know whether it was a combination of 3 girls being together or the fact that we were all of Asian descent, the only Asians in town (literally!) that made us suffer the uncomfortable ‘stare downs’ from people everywhere we went. This also made it quite difficult to experience the nightlife in Bairro Alto to its full potential – a buzzing area recommended by many.

My oblivious nature was not aware of this but the girls caught onto the fact that 2 creepy men were following us for some time and kept hovering around us. Thankfully we were able to deter them by stopping at the first restaurant we came across. Note to self – less chit chatting and more awareness of the possible dangers of my surroundings in a foreign country next time.

On a more positive note however, the weather was nice and sunny with tops of 18 degrees – not quite beach weather but the closest thing to a tropical holiday during this time. We stumbled across a restaurant that we thought was traditional Portuguese food, which turned out to be a Brazilian buffet and for those of you who know me well, I love my all you can eat buffets! Good quality cuts of meat straight from the grill and a vast array of salads of all kinds. Pity dessert was not included – would’ve been there much longer! Made up for it though by sampling an authentic Portuguese custard tart MmmMm…

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x

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