It’s been a while…

Quick recap since my last blog. Went to Venice again for the 2012 Carnivale – great, buzzy atmosphere with exquisite costumes but way too crowded for my liking; flew back home for my dear friend Ash’s hens (Gold Coast) and wedding (Sydney); moved out from the ghost town that is Canary Wharf to the hip and happening Queensway and now have decided that I’m more happier in a job paying less money but with half the stress. So that was basically the last two months in a nutshell.


I finally made the decision to travel solo for the first time. And what better place to start than Stockholm. What a gorgeous city! Clean, safe and absolutely beautiful, be it their buildings, open air museum and parklands and don’t get me started on the Swedes…my lord! They have got to be, by far the most attractive race – both men and women equally! Never have I seen such a vast array of extremely hot people just walking down the street…its phenomenal how perfect one person can look. Now why can’t we all be blessed with good genes like the Scandinavians?! I even found myself checking out mums and dads – that’s how good looking everybody there was. Another thing I noticed was the number of men pushing strollers around (with such adorable babies inside). What a nice change!


Aside from all the subtle perving I did and I use that term very loosely, this trip has allowed me to come out of my shell. For starters, I didn’t realise I could read a map all that well but I surprised even myself! I didn’t think that I could be left alone for such a period of time albeit finding myself acquainted with loads of people and I never realised how rewarding it is to actually accomplish something I’ve been meaning to do for so long.

This may very well be the first of many solo trips to come.

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x

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