Sun, Sea, Splash… Scull!

Pretty much sums up how we spent the past week cruising the beautiful coastlines of Croatia. I heard many great things  prior to this trip but to actually experience it first-hand is absolutely incredible. It was definitely a nice change from the poor excuse for summer I had to put up with in London (probably just about the only downside to living here!). An average of 37 degrees the whole of our duration in Croatia made way for great suntans and swimming. Waking up and jumping into the pristine, clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, feasting on a nice and hearty lunch prepared on-board (which I was very much impressed with), docking to explore the islands, partying till the wee hours of the morning, crawling back onto the boat, squeezing in a power nap…and then repeating the cycle all over again. Now just imagine doing this for 7 consecutive days. It was insane!




Failing to check with my PA before booking this trip, I only realised afterwards that BBC Hackney Festival fell on the same weekend. I found myself in a little bit of a predicament with the massive line up. Now what do I do? I juggle both! Instead of staying an extra two nights in Split as originally planned, I needed to cut my trip short in order to make it in time for the concert. This meant purchasing a new flight into London Saturday morning. The only solution to partying on a Friday night and ensuring that I don’t miss my 6am flight the next day – pull an all-nighter! Thanks to my girls for synching their alarms with me to make sure I get on that plane! A week of sleep deprivation later and I land into Heathrow airport. Flew through customs (luckily not many people fly at such a ridiculous hour), dropped my luggage home and headed straight to Hackney. And boy was it worth every minute of sleep lost. The highlight for me…Swedish House Mafia – what an awesome set!

I was all partied out by Sunday. After falling into a mini coma the entire day, I gave my body the chance to recover from the self-destruction I’d put it through. Now back to the daily grind it is… until my next holiday, Cinque Terre next weekend – a more relaxing, low-key trip.

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x  

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