Boarding pass, check! Coach ticket, check! Connecting train timetable, check! Map to Hotel, check! All well and good….except these crucial documents were sitting on my desk at work on the day of my flight to Pisa. Having realised this on a Saturday morning, I made a rushed attempt to swing by my workplace just before catching the coach to the airport. Ensuring I time my journey out right…All the while being slightly hungover from the night before.

On my way, I regrettably dozed off on the tube and woke up to the sound of ‘change here for the northern line’ which in usual case, is where I change lines to get to work…If it were Bank. It was only after the train left the platform that I noticed it was in actual fact, Tottenham Court Road. Bugger! Wrong stop! Now adding another 20 mins with 3 more interchanges to the route, I’m now pressed for time. In a haste, I quickly make my way to the office – hand luggage in tow but to my absolute horror, the office is closed and my security pass doesn’t work. Gutted! So the only choice now is to rely on my PA who saved a PDF copy of the coach ticket on her phone. Thanks darl! One issue sorted. Only other major thing…boarding passes.

Given we had a bit of leeway till our flight, we decide to wait for the next coach…luckily Terravision were quite flexible with this. In search for an internet cafe to print our boarding passes and with no joy, our last hope was the police station. To our surprise the cop at the desk was tremendously helpful. She went out of her way to log onto the Ryanair website to try and print out our boarding passes for us. Partial success as damn Ryanair and their stringent policies don’t allow boarding passes to be printed 4 hours prior to any flight. Penalty for no boarding pass – 60 pounds. I reluctantly paid it to have them print my boarding pass. Bloody ridiculous. Valuable lesson learnt! 

Italy and their ‘relaxed’ train timetable saw delays, cancellations and what not. 12 hours in transit later and we finally arrive into Cinque Terre where I reunited with my Italian friends. Dinner the first night was a little disappointing to say the least. Paid good money for crap seafood. But I wasn’t gonna let that ruin an otherwise great trip. 


Early start the next day for hiking between the villages. The trek from Monterosso to Vernazza wasn’t too bad as it was relatively warm at that stage. Once the uphill part was over, it was all easy breezy onto Vernazza. However, the trail from Vernazza to Corniglia was quite tough I must admit! Hiking under the scorching heat of the sun was draining! But the beautiful coastal view was definitely worth it!


We stopped by each village for a dip in the water and sun baking. The last hike was the lover’s walk which I found a piece of cake considering the previous hikes I’d done. Rewarded ourselves with a delicious seafood dinner that surely made up for the let down the night before. What better way to end the trip! A nice and not to mention expensive weekend break away.

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x

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