Got Beef?!

“I don’t eat steak” is what you’d catch me saying three weeks ago. Purely because I hated the thought of a slab of bloody meat served on a plate. That and the fact that I can never go past the good old poultry…chicken – more specifically, chicken bones mmm (call it what you will, I have an obsession with them!) For a lover of all things edible, I’ve avoided ordering steak my whole life when eating out. Up until recently, when someone challenged my hatred towards this type of meat. ‘If you’re gonna have steak, have it good’. So I’ve spent the last fortnight dining in 3 of the top steakhouses in London – Goodman, Hawksmoor and Gaucho.

The verdict? Delish! I was surprised by how much I liked it after experiencing such top quality cuts. Is this what I’ve been missing out on all this time? Immensely impressed by how it was prepared on all 3 occasions. Not overdone – tender and succulent, nice and pink on the inside and thankfully not bloody!

And the fun bit – ordering sides to go with. My favourite would have to be Goodman. Each and every one of the sides ordered was tasty. From their spinach and gruyere cheese, to the garlic mushrooms and their truffle chips yummo!

Hands down, the best sides of the 3 steakhouses. Needless to say, I’m a bit steaked out for now. Question is, would I be able to enjoy ‘standard’ steak having experienced it at its finest? Probably not to the extent that I’ve previously had. At least I’ve converted. Now that I’ve accustomed myself to eating steak…it doesn’t leave much that I won’t eat.

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x

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