I’m back and better than ever!

Apologies, that’s my alter ego talking. Although I can agree to some extent. I’ve returned from the UK a completely different person to the one that left Sydney a couple of years ago. I had the opportunity to live life to the absolute fullest over there and that I did! The good, the bad, the ugly – boy have I seen it all. Now with a tremendous amount of life experience under my belt…I feel like I have uncovered the new and improved ‘ME’.The journey of self-discovery was sure worth the hardship I endured along the way. I know I’ve said this before, but it is such a rewarding feeling to accomplish something you never thought could be feasible.

I encourage anybody who is contemplating living and working overseas to just get up and do it – no hesitation! The experience, the knowledge and the life long friends you gain from it is absolutely priceless. I returned to a scorching 46 degrees when I landed in Oz. That was a shock to the system. Surely you’d think I’d be able to cope with the hotter weather here (what tourists love about our country) but strangely enough… even I had to acclimatise back. With the sun brightly shining down smack bang in the middle of summer – it’s only natural for everyone to flock straight to our beautiful beaches. However, that was the last thought on my mind.


Lets just say the extra layer I’ve accumulated was not ready to be graced with a bikini just yet. Ok so my plan to trim down may have been slightly pushed back. In my defense though – I’ve been far too busy catching up with loved ones who I haven’t seen in so long. Valid reason right?! Alas, no more excuses. I tell you what, it’s so hard to get back into the swing of things once you’ve been out of practice for a while. It’s back to basics from here on. Will slowly work my way back up again.

I’ve been fortunate enough to land a job almost instantly – starting next week. Working closer to home will mean a good work/life balance. Once I get myself into a routine, it’ll be easy as pie! Mmmmm pie. Meat pie! Haven’t had one since getting back yet. I’ve managed to satisfy all of my cravings but never once did I think to get a good ol’ Aussie meat pie. One guess what I’ll be devouring next!

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x

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