Back to the daily grind it is!

As I struggled to stay alert just 2 hours into the day, I realised that this is it. This is what I’m returning to. The never-ending rat race that is work! Now after spending the past few months being a lady of leisure, this is definitely another shock to my system.  Having to snooze 3 times at the very least before rolling out of bed. I’m not used to these early starts that’s for sure! It doesn’t help that I can never get to sleep before midnight either. Why is it that I always wake up regretting not sleeping earlier the previous night?! Happens every time!

I feel the post holiday blues slowly creeping up. Sitting there at my desk reminiscing about Europe, missing my London life and the carefree nature of it all when ‘ring ring’ goes the phone. Reality hits me so hard it almost hurts. I must soldier on in contemplation of the bigger picture. Think happy thoughts!

Chocolates, flowers, teddy bears. It’s nice to see the romance in relationships still exist. While all the lovebirds are basking in each other’s company tonight, here I am currently halfway across the world from mine. To anyone who’ve done the long distance before, I’m sure you can empathise with me – advice, suggestions, tips are all welcome. Happy Valentines Day to those coupled up! For the rest…Happy Singles Day!! 


Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x

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