It’s raining babies!

Is it me…? Or does it seem like just about every second person I know has either had a baby, carrying a baby or contemplating having a baby?! I’ve returned to see the population slowly increasing as couples have made a conscious decision to start or expand a family of their own. Baby bumps, baby showers, baby birthdays, baby gifts…baby this, baby that! That is all that’s ever discussed these days. Maybe I’m just surrounded by those that have already settled down.

I’m still in awe to see some of my friends have taken a new title and become parents. It’s amazing to see all these little bundles of joys grace each household with a great deal of happiness. And it’s wonderful to see how much love a newborn can bring to a family. Now does all this talk about babies make me feel at all clucky? Not in the slightest!

It could have something to do with the fact that kids don’t instantly take a liking to me and to be quite frank…it works the other way around too. Don’t get me wrong; they’re the cutest things when they’re behaved and the most adorable when they’re fast asleep. But the moment they get out of line…do they still maintain that same level of sweetness?… No siree Bob! Let’s face it, I’m just not good with kids and we’ll leave it at that.

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x

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