New Year, New You…blah blah blah

One month into 2017 and exactly how am I tracking so far? Well my plan to lose the holiday weight from New York back in November was postponed till the new year, as Christmas followed closely behind. I must ashamedly admit it is currently at a standstill with all the overindulging I’ve still been doing. I’ve inevitably doubled in size from 3 months ago and struggling to get back into my exercise regime. I made a decision to eat healthier, wholesome meals and avoid takeaway but I caved in on day 2 when Adam decided to order curry – clearly his fault! We’ve probably had at least 6 takeouts to date and we haven’t even hit Feb yet!  My poor attempt at dry Jan lasted all but 5 days so needless to say, I’ve not stuck to any of my resolutions – if you can call it that!

Not sure why I set myself these somewhat unrealistic goals when I clearly know I won’t stick to them. And yet I declare the same thing year after year. Heck…who am I trying to kid. I love food way too much to make such a sacrifice. I’m not the only one who seems to fall into the ‘new year, new you’ cycle though. Perhaps the thought of a new year brings about ideas of hope and change. Change in career, change in lifestyle, change in spending habits, smoking habits, social habits, eating habits. If there was any time to start making a change then the new year would seem like the perfect time to do it right? But really…how many of us have actually followed through on our resolutions?! I obviously haven’t stuck to mine.

So let’s move onto something that I have managed to be successful with – internal job application! Towards the end of last year I applied for the role and was offered the opportunity to begin my career in a completely different field. I joined the team in the lead up to Christmas where everyone was practically winding down so things weren’t so manic as they are now. Busy days, longer hours and barely a lunch break. I’m really enjoying it though and find it really interesting. There’s so much to learn and I’m fortunate to have a great team to support my development.

On another positive note, I’m absolutely chuffed that Adam and I have finally finished  the guestroom! It only took us 6 months to complete *insert sarcasm* but with work and social commitments, it makes it extremely difficult to find the time to do any DIY. Good thing about our house is we can take our time with it. Although I’m really keen to get the house looking the way we want it at the very least, before we get the extension put in. Next up….the upper ground living room!

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x

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