DIY is tough business

We’re finding out the hard way. One room down…the rest of the house to go! Although it seems we’ve been moving at a tremendously slow pace, I think we’ve made some pretty good progress so far, given we’re complete amateurs at this DIY stuff.

The first thing to tackle in the upper ground living room was the horrendous false ceiling the previous owners put up. Now the question was; do we spend a wad of cash and get someone in to do it for us? Or do we save the money and do it ourselves? Being the DIY enthusiasts that we are, we opted for the latter – boy did we bite off more than we could chew!

We began by completely removing all of the coving. Adam then proceeded to saw a chunk out of the false ceiling, revealing the height of the original ceiling at an additional foot and a half higher – what a big difference it made! As we continued to expose each section of the false ceiling, it came to light that the original ceiling was in such a bad state that we had no choice but to remove it also. Once we were finished deconstructing the timber frame of the old ceiling, the next step was to take down the original ceiling.

Off goes the coving
Down comes the false ceiling
Revealing an original ceiling height of 3m!

Here comes the fun bit. Crow bar in hand and ready to get my demolition on! Pieces of plasterboard disintegrated as we tore through the wooden slats keeping the ceiling in tact. Moments later, the room filled with so much dust and debris, we could barely breath! In fact, there was so much wreckage building up, we hired a skip to get rid of it all.

Goodbye ceiling
Hello rubble

To make the most out of our skip hire, we decided to rip out the citrus coloured carpet that matched the equally distasteful walls and add it to the ever growing pile of rubbish. While we were in a ‘chuck it away’ kind of mood, we decided the floor to ceiling mirror doors (save for 1) from our built in wardrobe needed to go also. Now that we had cleared the room of all the rubble and filled up the skip to the very top, we were left with a relatively clean room with exposed joists on display in place of the ceiling. This left us with our next dilemma; hire someone to fit a new ceiling or take on the task ourselves? So what did we choose to do? You guessed it – we gave it a crack!
Measuring and cutting each plasterboard to size was the easy bit. I use the term ‘easy’ loosely in comparison to the next task ahead of us. Armed with a ladder each and an electric drill between us, we attempted to screw in the very first plasterboard. Got off to a shaky start – turns out lifting anything above shoulder height can be challenging to say the least! What didn’t help either was when it came to my turn to drill the screw, I had it set on reverse….doh! No wonder why it wasn’t catching. In my defence though, it was my first time ever using a power tool – and what a circumstance to use it in! Patience, cooperation and resilience is what got us through to the very end.

There’s a story behind every plasterboard

All of our blood, sweat and tears later – we now have a ceiling! It was no mean feat, I can tell you that much! What a rewarding feeling it is to look back and see what we were able to accomplish together. One of the most difficult tasks of all and we managed to nail it – that’s worthy of a few pats on the back, I say!

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x



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