It’s all gravy baby…

Or so it seems! Wondering around the Clapham/Battersea area today, we thought we’d try out Dip & Flip – a burger joint that promises more. The concept; you get a choice of a hot meat sandwich or a burger to dip in gravy, alongside crispy fries – what’s not to like?! We walked in about 12:30pm – half an hour after opening. The restaurant was quiet with only one other table occupied at this point. The waiter swiftly came over to ask us for our order. Considering it was our first visit, he wasn’t very helpful with recommendations. So we had to rely on our burger instincts, if you will.

Adam had the ‘Dip & Flip’ Burger with slices of roast beef lathered on top (£9.95) and I went for the Green chilli cheese burger (£8). Both came out in under 15 minutes with the signature gravy. I gotta hand it to them; they really do know how to cook a burger – both having that nice charred crispiness on the outside and perfectly pink in colour on the inside. Topped with ketchup, mustard, cabbage slaw and pickles made for an excellent flavour combination. The gravy on the other hand, was disappointingly lacking in richness, depth and flavour. The rather thin consistency did nothing to boost the flavour of the burger. Although the burgers were still tasty on their own but given this is meant to be their USP, it was a bit of a let down.

Green chilli cheeseburger
Dip & Flip Burger with roast beef

Maybe it had something to do with us getting there too early? Perhaps they make a better batch during the dinner rush? Who knows! I’d definitely return, if not for the gravy but the burgers alone and of course, the OREO milkshake (£5.50).

Till next time….Outskies!

Srey x

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