What [Hawks]moor could you ask for…?! 

If you ever fancy splashing out on some quality steak then Hawksmoor is the place to go – one of my top fave steakhouses in London. Even more enticing is their £5 corkage offer on Mondays, public holidays included!

Arriving an hour earlier than our reservation wasn’t a problem as we were given a choice to have a drink at the bar or be seated at our table. Both being quite famished, we opted for the latter. Bottle of Malbec opened, drinks in hand while we pondered trying something new on the menu.

Started off with old spot belly ribs (£11.50) which came out boneless and served with coleslaw. The meat from the ribs burst with so much flavour and cooked till it was so tender, it melted in your mouth. Combined with the almost Asian twist of the coleslaw made it a well balanced dish.

Old spot belly ribs

The fillet carpaccio which came with porcini, parmesan & crispy shallots (£12.00) was good but following the successful execution of the ribs, it slightly took the shine off the rare slices of beef.

Fillet carpaccio

For mains, I usually go for the fillet and Adam the sirloin but this time we thought we’d do something different and have the porterhouse (a combo of both) to share. It came out perfectly cooked, nice and charred on the outside while still being succulent and juicy within – 700g of pure goodness!


700g porterhouse

A steak (no matter how good the cut) isn’t complete without sides  – triple cooked chips (£4.50) were crispy on the outside whilst soft and fluffy on the inside. My only gripe would be the narrow cup they came in left little room for the actual chips – reflecting the portion size of a kid’s meal. But considering the amount of food we ended up ordering, the serving was sufficient this time.

The creamed spinach (£5.50) although on the rich side, did not feel too heavy and accompanied the steak wonderfully.

The macaroni cheese (£5.50) I found fairly standard and could’ve done without it to be honest. But Adam just couldn’t resist ordering it!

Everything was brought together with peppercorn sauce (£3.00) which was peppery and creamy as expected but the bone marrow gravy (£3.00) was on a whole other level! Deep, richness of the bone marrow pierced through every drop of the mouthwatering gravy, making it an absolute delight with every mouthful.

I finished off with their take on a chocolate brownie (£8.75) and Adam had the passion fruit cheesecake (£7.50). While some may find the chocolate ganache too rich, I found it divine…especially the prominence of peanuts with every spoonful. With chocolate being my utter weakness , this was definitely right up my street!

The passion fruit cheesecake on the other hand left little to be desired as a) I’m not a fan of passion fruit and b) the crumbled pieces of digestive biscuits did not coincide with the price charged – at least Adam managed to enjoy parts of the dessert.

Overall, a very satisfying meal which will leave me dreaming about pouring that bone marrow gravy all over everything and devouring it. Definitely worth a visit!

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x

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