Yuu might like this!

Another trendy establishment that’s opened up in Shoreditch, Yuu Kitchen serves up tapas-style dishes from South-East Asia and the Pacific Rim. Trying our luck, we rocked up without a reservation which turned out well when the friendly waiter shifted some bookings around to cater for our group of 5 – kudos to you mister!

Funky cage lighting

Cocktails are nice, albeit on the strong side (I had the feng shui £8.00) so this saw me through the entire meal as I sipped it very slowly. We ordered a range of dishes from the menu starting with the edamame (£3.50), pork chicharron (£3.70) and taro and lotus root chips (£4.00).

The edamame beans were what you expect, steamed and sprinkled with sea salt and a hint of chilli.


Pork chicharron tasted like any ordinary pork scratchings served with a chilli vinegar.


The taro and lotus root chips, again were fairly average. 

Portions are small but great for sharing and the beauty of it is you get to taste a variety of dishes. Next up were both types of the chicken wings (£6.50 each).

Filipino style sticky adobo sauce with spring onion chicken wings were very tasty with the right balance of sweet and saltiness. 


Spicy carolina reaper chilli chicken wings had a huge kick to them, so much so that the sauce overpowered any other flavour attempting to come out of the chicken wings. 

Following was the poke (£8.00) and crispy rice and salmon (£7.00).

A mix of freshly sliced raw fish, the poke was flavoured with a sesame citrus dressing, served with corn chips.


The salmon was cooked with avocado and a spicy jalapeno dressing, layered on top of bite sized rice cakes which were slightly on the chewy side. Maybe this was the intended texture of the dish.

Then came the baby back ribs (£7.50), salt and pepper calamari (£8.00) and bbq’d octopus (£8.50).


Marinated with a chilli asian bbq sauce, these ribs were nice and tender – easily falling off the bone.


The calamari was good although by the time I got around to it, it was a bit cold.


The octopus was flavoured very well and delicately cooked, making it soft and tender.

The bao buns were the only items we didn’t share, not just because of the size but the taste alone meant given the choice, you wouldn’t want to share anyway. The buns were only big enough for one portion and were light, fluffy and the filling – full of intense flavour.

Grilled white fish shiso (£5.70) with shiso mayo and radish pickles. 


The crispy soft shell crab (£6.50) came with wasabi mayo, lettuce and red onions. 


The sweet and sticky eggplant (£5.50) although stated on the menu they were wok fried, seemed to be deep fried as it was dripping in oil when I bit into it. Warning: be careful when taking your first bite as the oil which oozes out is extremely hot!

A great place to try, especially if you’re in a group and want something different to your standard Asian cuisine. Recommended dishes are the octopus, chicken wings, ribs and the soft shell crab bao buns.

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x



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