Head on over to Shoreditch and you’ll find this global street food market – boasting a number of food stalls and bars in a buzzing atmosphere. Make sure you arrive before 7pm to avoid the £3 fee at the door (we found out the hard way!) and be prepared to queue up for food and drinks, especially on a Saturday night. The DJ spins out some good tunes, setting the scene as we enter the food hall.

We make a beeline for Lagom, serving XL pork tomahawk ribs – mMmm yummers! These bad boys had a rich, smokey flavour – paired with the fennel slaw and apple sauce along with a dollop of chilli to give it that extra kick. Pure meaty goodness! We got a generous portion for £12 and given the quality, it was well worth it.


Drinks on the other hand were on the exxy side. £8.50 for a cocktail served in a small plastic cup topped up with ice?? No thanks! So the next round, I decided to go thirds with a couple of gfs on a bottle of Prosecco. Equating to £10 for 2 [half] glasses each, this seemed like the best deal! So good (in comparison) that we got another round in!

Next stop, Thunderbird. I can never pass up chicken wings and these chipuffalo wings were certainly not one to miss. Buffalo, chipotle, coriander and truffled blue cheese dip priced at 5 for £5 – what’s not to like?! Plus the added bonus of mMmm bones…*wipes drool*


The one thing I was looking forward to most, turned out to be the most disappointing. I’m sorry to say this but Yum Bun – you let me down! ! 1 for £4 or 2 for £7, I’m persuaded to opt for the latter deal – choosing pork and chicken. Whilst the slow roasted belly pork was tasty, it was let down by the poor execution of the buns.  The so-called “fluffy” steamed buns were not light and pillowy as intended, but rather thick and dense. The chicken was just disastrous – 2 pieces of popcorn sized chicken drenched in a creamy mayo sauce. All I could taste was this overpowering sauce and shredded lettuce – gross. It must be hard churning out the same standard of food to keep up with the ever-growing queues but come on…quality control!


I was able to wash the bad taste in my mouth away by sampling a friend’s dessert from You Doughnut. These hot little bites come in 2 flavours. Having tried both the salted peanut popcorn caramel and malted milk chocolate, I prefer the second. Can always rely on chocolate to boost my mood back up 🙂

Food hall with a great vibe

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x

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