Chilli Con Carne

This dish is a midweek winner in our household. Easy, tasty and extremely comforting - especially when it's cold outside and you're longing for something hearty to hit that spot. My secret ingredient? A piece of dark chocolate thrown in the mix to finish off - adding an extra depth of richness to the sauce.... Continue Reading →

Slurp-a-licious ramen at Kanada-Ya

Boy it's getting cold outside! Where did the [poor excuse for] summer go?! Chilly mornings, shorter days and bleak nights ahead. It can only mean one thing...."Winter is coming!" Remedy for this? Get yourself warmed up from the inside out by tucking into a comforting bowl of hot tasty noodles at Kanada-Ya - the ramen experts!... Continue Reading →

Keep your eyes on the pies!

There's just something about a perfectly cooked pie that gets me feeling weak at the knees. The buttery pastry, the hearty filling combined with the richness of the gravy...mmmm salivating as I write, just thinking about it. Where do I go for this ultimate pie fix? Tucked away behind the hustle and bustle of Regent Street... Continue Reading →

Señor Ceviche – a Peruvian treat! 

Nestled on the first floor of Kingly Court, just off Carnaby Street....lies this lively restaurant serving up Peruvian style tapas and Pisco cocktails to instantly get you in the mood. The menu, whilst not extensive, comprises of dishes ranging from freshly prepared ceviche, barbecued meat to scrumptious salads and sides - designed for sharing....perfect for... Continue Reading →

DIY update…not so great!

Since putting the ceiling up, we've made some good, albeit slow progress on the living room. We drained the water system to remove the old radiators and connected a new pipe system to line up our new, much sleeker looking radiators. I use the term 'we' very loosely here as Adam did the majority, if... Continue Reading →


Inspired by Rick Stein's recipe, this tiramisu requires a little effort but is certainly worth it. It involves making your own sponge and washing your electric mixer 3 times (before steps 3, 9 and 10). Credit also to Adam's mum who bought me Rick Stein's book for Christmas last year - loads of great recipes... Continue Reading →

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