DIY update…not so great!

Since putting the ceiling up, we’ve made some good, albeit slow progress on the living room. We drained the water system to remove the old radiators and connected a new pipe system to line up our new, much sleeker looking radiators. I use the term ‘we’ very loosely here as Adam did the majority, if not all of the work (while I was out) – gotta love a handyman!

To fit the new pipes required getting under the floorboards, which had to be yanked out… revealing yet again, exposed joists – except this time they were underneath us….you can see where this is going. I returned home that day and was mightily impressed at what Adam had achieved in the space of a few hours. Having been able to manoeuvre around the room, using what little floorboard space he had, to successfully fit the pipe work was a great accomplishment in my eyes – that called for a celebratory drink in the garden.

Off comes the floorboards
Revealing the exposed joists

A few clinks of our glasses later, Adam makes an impulsive decision to inspect his handy work for any leaks while I tidied up in the kitchen. I turn the tap on ready to wash up when I hear a loud thump, followed by what sounded like shattering bricks, rapidly crashing to the floor. ‘Oh crap, the house is falling down’ I thought – dramatic, I know! Rushing over to where the resounding noise was coming from, the first thing I noticed was Adam’s leg shooting through the ceiling of the lower ground floor.

Looking up at the hole from the lower ground floor.

I raced upstairs to find Adam wedged in between the 2 floors – my poor hubby.  After realising he wasn’t seriously injured, I then noticed the mess the hole he had made caused – dust and debris everywhere! It took us some time to rid the place of all the fragments of plaster and although I was cross at the time, I couldn’t stay angry for long. In fact we chuckled over what had happened after. It was a foolish mistake, one that Adam has certainly learned from – don’t ever attempt any form of DIY (no matter how tiny) when intoxicated!

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x

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