Señor Ceviche – a Peruvian treat! 

Nestled on the first floor of Kingly Court, just off Carnaby Street….lies this lively restaurant serving up Peruvian style tapas and Pisco cocktails to instantly get you in the mood. The menu, whilst not extensive, comprises of dishes ranging from freshly prepared ceviche, barbecued meat to scrumptious salads and sides – designed for sharing….perfect for someone like me who is incredibly indecisive!

We kicked off with a Pisco cocktail each. I had the Gonzalo’s Chilcano (£8.50), dubbed as the G&T of Peru by our super bubbly waitress.

Starting off with the Señor Ceviche (£9.00) – slices of luscious sea bass and octopus ceviche laid on a bed of sweet potato puree, wedges of avocado…submerged and left to cure in the tangy aji amarillo tiger’s milk (citrus-based marinade). Topped with crispy baby squid with red onion and coriander – exquisite marriage of flavours.

Signature dish: Señor Ceviche

Next up was the Calamares (£7.00). The baby squid was encased in a light and crispy batter, making it delectable with just a good squeeze of lime. Didn’t really need the pickled jalepeno miso salsa that it was served with… I found it rather bland and didn’t do much for the dish.  Also, this was the tiniest portion of all the dishes ordered and at £7, I was expecting a slightly bigger portion than the teeny one served.

Calamares – baby squid

The BBQ Jerusalem Artichoke closely followed – grilled artichoke, fennel and samphire smothered in the tanginess of the aji amarillo tiger’s milk, topped with confit tomato and a purple corn cracker. I loved the freshness and different textures of the veggies however, this dish was extremely tart. It did pair well with the meat dishes mentioned below but as a main, I could take it or leave it next time.

BBQ Jerusalem Artichoke

When the Chifa Chicharrones (£7.00) came out, I knew I was in for a treat. Crispy crackling on top, tender pieces of pork belly marinated in soy, combined with the sweet potato puree – deeeelish! Brace yourself for these cubes of joy – you will want seconds!

Chifa Chicharrones – crispy pork belly 

That’s 2 racks of baby back ribs you see below, one on top of the other – a good portion for £10.00. Marinated in a rich sauce with an intense Asian flavour…almost like tamarind mixed with a hint of fermented soybean paste. The added crunch of the roasted peanuts worked well to balance out the sweetness. As for the meat…falling off the bone as one would only dream of!

Pachamanca Pork Ribs 

Give me a piece of steak any day of the week. Requested medium rare – just the way I like it! Served with pickled shiitake mushroom and a chimichurri-esque sauce. At £12.50, it’s obviously no Hawksmoor but was still satisfying for the price.

Flat Iron Y Nikkei Uchucuta – steak

This side of black beans, smoked bacon and aubergine was an absolute flavour sensation – sweetness of pineapple pieces thrown in and sour cream, giving it a new dimension.

Frijoles Negros
Cocktail glasses empty – moving onto wine!

As a massive fan of sweet potato fries, this tremendously moreish side was on point – lengthy slices of potato freshly cooked to a crisp whilst still nice and fluffy on the inside. Sprinkled with a slightly fiery spice and dipped into a version of spicy mayonnaise – I could’ve snacked on this 10 times over….especially while drinking wine!

Patatas Fritas
Open plan kitchen spanning the length of the restaurant

It’s a real shame that given our table was only for 1hr45, we didn’t manage any dessert…mind you, we were full at this point but it’s always nice to end on something sweet (nothing Ben&Jerry’s can’t fix). Oh wells, gives me another good reason to return 🙂

Having tried the likes of Lima Floral and Monmouth Kitchen, I highly rate Señor Ceviche as THE restaurant serving modern Peruvian cuisine – quality food at reasonable prices served within a vibrant atmosphere. Expect big bold flavours and interesting combos. Whether you’re going for a casual meal, first dinner date or a rendezvous with a group of friends….make sure this place tops the list!

Food + drinks + service = £35-£45pp

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x

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