Celebrations continue in Lanzarote

Double the celebrations might I add. Given our wedding anniversary is the week after my birthday, it was a good enough reason to celebrate abroad…as if we needed an excuse for a holiday! Where to go that’s a short flight away for guaranteed sunshine in November? Lanzarote! Goodbye gloomy London, we’ll see you in about a week’s time! Hopped on a plane and 4 hours later, we touched down at one of the Canary Islands – renowned for good weather all year round. Days were sunny, nights were chilly so a jacket was much needed in the evenings.

Stayed on the southern coast of the volcanic island, in the outskirts of Playa Blanca, a few minutes walk from Marina Rubicón – a modern harbour with plentiful yachts to admire, boutique shops to browse, upmarket restaurants and bars to enjoy. Great location, given Playa Blanca beach was a nice 10 minute stroll away and the main town centre being a further 10 minute walk down the coast, where there’s an even greater number of restaurants to choose from.

Marina Rubicón

Being spoilt for choice with the selection of eateries available, we dined out most nights at a variety of restaurants ranging from tapas, steak, modern Spanish to authentic Canarian cuisine. Standout restaurants were Casa Brigida, La Cuadra and Harbour View.

My first time eating rabbit was at Casa Brigida and what a great way to be introduced to this type of meat – similar taste to that of chicken but slightly gamier. The rich sauce it was cooked in was delicious and burst with flavours of garlic and spice. Served with traditional Canarian baked potatoes and sauteed vegetables on the side, this dish left me wanting more and certainly changed my perception of rabbit meat – sorry Bugs!

Rabbit Stew at Casa Brigida

In the mood for some gourmet steak, we opted for the Chateaubriand for 2 at La Cuadra. The generous serving of steak was wheeled out beside our table and delicately sliced while we watched in anticipation.  And boy was it worth the wait. The quality was superb and cooked to perfection, an incredibly tender cut of beef that would give any top steakhouse in London a run for its money….for a third of the price!

Chateaubriand for 2 at La Cuadra

The highlight for me though, was where we spent the day of our anniversary, Harbour View  – a new addition to Marina Rubicón, serving modern Spanish fusion creations. Given we were the only customers during siesta time, we had the entire outdoor seating area to ourselves and with a nicely built water feature integrated into the marina, it made for a perfect spot to kick back, relax and enjoy the amazing view ahead, VIP style! Before we knew it, the sun began to set over the harbour, creating a spectacular view, making the day even more special.

Drinks at Harbour View
Sunset at Harbour View

Although we had our pick of nearby beaches, they had nothing on the beautiful coastlines of Papagayo – a collection of charming and pristine beaches that were by no means easy to get to, let me tell you!  But that didn’t stop us making the arduous trek through the dirt tracks of the hilly terrain that included steep rocky parts…all the while in our makeshift hiking equipment, flip flops! Seeing the stretch of fine sand and turquoise crystal clear waters at the finish line made it all worthwhile though. A little slice of paradise. Sunny, albeit windy but bearable!

En route to Papagayo
Hurdle of the hilly terrain to reach Papagayo
The final and most charming of all beaches of Papagayo
After an hour’s trek from Playa Blanca, we made it…Yayer!

We did a full day tour of Lanzarote which included visiting the volcanic craters of  Timanfaya National Park, witnessing geothermal demos, El Golfo – the Green Lagoon, the caves of Jameos del Agua and a camel ride. Regrettably, we booked the tour through GetYourGuide which on the whole, turned out to be a disappointment. Refer to Adam’s review here. In hindsight, we could’ve rented a car to see more of the volcanic island and economically gotten more out of the day. You live and you learn I suppose!

One of the craters at Timanfaya National Park
El Golfo – The effect of algae has turned this bit of sea water green, hence the name, The Green Lagoon
Live demonstration of the geothermal power of the volcano
Sunset at Los Jameos Del Agua

All the same, Lanzarote you’ve been a delight. Thank you for the beautiful beaches, superb sunsets, fabulous food, wonderful weather and our terrific tan. Not grateful for our bigger bellies though! With birthday and anniversary celebrations throughout, needless to say….November has been a good month!

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x

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