And just like that, another year has passed!

Hello again! It’s been a while… where has the time gone?! Can’t believe we’re almost at the end of Jan already! Feels like it was only yesterday that I wrote my last ‘new year’ post. Although I’ve admittedly been a bit lazy on the blog front and have totally neglected to keep it updated – very poor effort I know! Given it’s a new year and all, there’s no better time to pick up my passion for writing again, call it a ‘resolution’ if you will.

What a great year 2018 was….. holidays, weddings, new opportunities and everything in between. A sunny trip back home at the start of the year, various trips throughout around Europe, including witnessing one of my dear friends marry the love of her life in France. What a magical day it was!

And without a doubt, plenty of occasions to eat! Despite my efforts trying to cut back on eating out, I haven’t quite managed to do so! My obsession for food has unashamedly overtaken my willpower.

When I’m not eating, thinking or talking about food however, I’ve been a busy little bee with the house so I’m pleased to say that our living room is finally coming together – hooray!

We’ve completely gutted the room, put up a new ceiling, did the plumbing, electrics, had traditional sash windows fitted, a brand spanking new external door, the entire room skimmed, cornicing put up, solid timber floor planks individually nailed in by hand and are in the midst of fitting the skirting boards. It’s taken us a hell of a lot longer than originally anticipated but for a couple of DIY enthusiasts with full-time jobs and an active social life, I’d say we’re tracking alright. That’s the beauty of being able to work on one floor at a time!

This year kicked off with me starting a new job, having been offered the role towards the end of last year. Entering into completely new territory is challenging but interesting. Slowly getting my head around the systems, teams, culture and entire industry! Hoping to get rid of the ‘new girl’ feeling soon. Almost 3 weeks in and it’s going well so far. So well that I’m looking forward to my first ever business trip to Cape Town next month – very exciting indeed! Oh and did I mention they offer free brekkie here? Nothing fancy but a variety of cereal, bread, spreads, fresh fruit all delivered daily and proper coffee – the little things…make a huge difference!

Leaving you with some holiday snaps for your viewing pleasure (or not!)

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x


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