A whole new flying experience

I’ve heard so many great [and not so great but I’ll address that in another post] things about Cape Town. So imagine my level of excitement when I was asked to fly here for work. Having never flown anything but economy before, I was super ecstatic to finally experience how the other half fly.

Bags all [eventually] packed and I’m ready to go! My driver arrives in a shiny Mercedes and offers nice chat and fun facts on the journey to Heathrow – kudos to you mister!

I reach the airport in good time and head straight to the bag wrapping service. Why you ask? Because I’ve been warned that checked-in luggage can be tampered with enroute. Round and round goes my suitcase on the machine as layers and layers of plastic is firmly wrapped around. For added peace of mind…that’s £13.50 well spent!

Checked-in online so all that was needed was to drop my bag off and fast track through security – VIP style!

BA Club World Bag Drop-off

I make a beeline straight to the business class lounge. Turn right for Galleries Club.

Galleries Club
Galleries Club

The food buffet proudly stands front and centre as I walk in. Hello….now we’re talking!

A selection of hot and cold food you can eat till your heart’s content… and bottles of wine you can freely help yourself to – all unlimited no doubt!

I find a place to park amongst the many comfy chairs and grab a bowl for my first portion.

Honey soy chicken and rice and couscous salad
Honey soy chicken and rice and couscous salad

Third portion down plus dessert and I’m full and left thinking ‘did I leave enough room for the food onboard?’ – most certainly! #Icanalwayseat!

Boarding is a breeze as I merrily skip my way past the massive queues. None of this budget airline priority boarding nonsense. There is pretty much no such thing as lining up with business! There are separate entries to the plane depending on what row your seat is allocated. I’m shown to my seat, where I will spend the next 10 hours.

My home for the next 10 hours
Check out all that legroom! (a bit wasted on me!)

I am instantly offered a choice of champagne, juice or water. I (naturally) opt for the bubbles. The White Company supplies bedding and a little survivor kit: eye mask, socks, toothbrush and toothpaste, earplugs and a set of lip balm, moisturiser and infuser.

Shortly after, hot towels are given out to refresh and a while later, dinner is served with proper crockery and stainless steel cutlery. Game changer! My linen lined tray comes out with the starter. Roasted butternut squash and red onion tart with a side of granny smith apple salad and truffle mayonnaise – quite good!

Starter: Butternut squash and red onion tart

For mains, I go for the braised Irish ox cheek and boy what a choice! Served with pearl barley risotto and green beans. Melt in your mouth level that would pass restaurant quality! Super impressed!img_6055For dessert I choose surprise, surprise…chocolate and salted caramel mille-feuille. Absolutely divine!img_6056

I stick on a movie – ‘Instant Family’ starring Mark Whalberg. I’m offered a drink and decide on the G&T. I lie back, fully stretched out and still have room left over. Life is good!img_6070-1Almost immediately, my eyelids are heavy and I doze off with the movie still playing (wouldn’t be the first time!). A good 5 hours later, I wake up just in time for breakfast service. First up, a warm croissant, apple compote with vanilla yoghurt and a selection of fresh fruit.  img_6060

I go for the traditional English breakfast as a hot option. Scrambled eggs, Suffolk sweet-cured back bacon, free range Cumberland pork sausage, grilled tomato and my fave hash brown. A little underwhelming to be honest but I ate it all (as always) anyway!


The plane lands in Johannesburg not long after breakfast is wrapped up. Now due to African laws, you have to collect your checked-in luggage and re-check it in for domestic flights…annoying I know! Luckily for my business class status, I’m able to fly straight through security and directly to the lounge – loves it!

Selection of pastries
Variety of fruit, muesli, yoghurt etc

Having just finished a full fry up and not being hungry at all, I opt for the lighter option of fruit salad, muesli and a cappuccino while I wait for my connecting flight.

SLOW lounge in Johannesburg

Moments later, my flight is called and I quickly pop to the loo – quite impressed with the state of it. Clean, spacious and definitely takes the title over Heathrow.

Toilet in Joburg SLOW lounge

Business class for a domestic flight comes with extra legroom and a hot meal. The obligatory glass of champagne to start with.

Glass of champagne

The Moroccan chicken and rice was delish. Seasoned very well with the sweetness of the cooked raisins, came together nicely with the sauce.

Moroccan chicken and rice

I spent most of the 2 hour flight chatting to the two lovely Brits next to me, sharing itineraries and travel stories. It’s always nice to be able to engage in conversation with fellow travellers when you’re flying solo.

Flight from Joburg-Cape Town

Before I know it, we’re touching down into Cape Town and oh my, what an introduction! Nice to meet you too! 🙂

Landing in Cape Town

Stay tuned for more posts on this beautiful city! ❤

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x

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