Union Street Café

Union Street Café is another addition to Gordon Ramsay’s empire. Located in Southwark, you’ll find this converted warehouse serving up Italian cuisine. Having previously dined at York & Albany, I had high hopes when visiting another one of Ramsay’s restaurants. However, on this occasion, I was left feeling rather disappointed.


Beginning with a small appetiser of cheese and crostini with olives.

A starter of fatty and savoury Porchetta – surprised to find it cold and with no bread of some sort as an accompaniment if it was served this way. Underwhelming.

Porchetta, baby radicchio, pecorino romano

Pork ribeye for the main. Slices of pork smothered in a rich sauce. Tasty…however the pork was slightly overcooked and the carrots were slightly under. Hmm…missed the mark there!

Pork ribeye, purple carrots, almond and pecorino

And to end the meal, Italian fried pastry with nutella…which sounded good on paper. However, out came pieces of  what tasted like twice fried dough, leaving an awful oily after taste. The little blobs of nutella also did little to enhance the dessert. What a let down!

Italian fried pastry and nutella

An average meal, at best. Come on Ramsay, raise your game!

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x

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