Better places to go than Boro Bistro

Located on the border of Borough market is Boro Bistro – a French restaurant specialising in charcuterie boards and small plates to share with an extensive wine list. There’s a cosy terrace with outside seating available but given the cold weather, we opted for a table inside.

Starting off with a bottle of the house red which was nice and reasonably priced at £19.

House red

The charcuterie board comes out with a selection of cheeses, cured meat, potted duck and some tapenades – good but a steep £23, given the small portion.

Boro board – Selection of 3 cheeses, 3 cured meat and saucisson,
duck potted meat, olives and duo of tapenades £23

It was from this point that the service began to slow down. In fact it almost felt like it came to a complete halt at one point.  Not usually bothered by bad service but this was just abysmal!

Our order is eventually taken and the rest of the small plates come out a while later. The only standout dish would have to be the jerusalem artichoke with black truffle mayonnaise. Nice and smokey!

Everything else was all mediocre. Nothing to write home about really and definitely not worth the wait! 

Things didn’t improve when it came to desserts. We flag down a waitress who didn’t speak any English (working in London…seriously?!) but finally managed to get the attention of another waiter.

A 20 minute wait for a chocolate fondant that still came out underdone. It was barely standing up when brought to the table and had no chance at holding its shape. One spoonful and the whole thing instantly collapsed into a pool of chocolate on the plate. Disappointing to say the least! The baba au cognac left much to be desired too – stale pastry which the waiter admitted came out of the freezer (what the?!).

It was extremely hard to get attention for anything and in hindsight, we could’ve gone without dessert. Beware of the service (or lack there of!). Mix and match to your liking but be careful of the small plates…they add up and the prices will sting you!

Expect slow service. Visit if you have the patience to enjoy wine and some light bites but not if you’re after a satisfying meal.

Food + drinks + service = £40pp

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x

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