Aegean experience at Hovarda

Located on the outskirts of Soho is Hovarda – a plush bar and restaurant serving up a mix of Greek and Turkish cuisine. Prices are steep so save yourself the pennies and take advantage of the pre-theatre meals on offer. 2 Courses £24.50 or 3 Courses £29.50.


Starting off with juicy pieces of perfectly cooked squid, fried in a delicious crispy batter. The nice subtle taste of squid ink in the mayo, balanced with the tartness of the lemon – made for an absolutely moreish dipping sauce.

Fried Squid
Squid ink mayo and lemon

The lamb kleftiko was just superb, the result of slowly braised leg of lamb which was magnificently juicy and rich. Flavours of garlic, herbs and lemon through the unbelievably tender and succulent (melt in your mouth) lamb…..Ohhh yeah! Just the way I like it! A side of green beans with toasted almonds and roasted potatoes and red peppers served well as accompaniments.

Lamb kleftiko

Finishing off with some Turkish deep fried dough balls (Lokma) served with cinnamon ice cream. Crunchy outer layer drizzled in thyme honey with a soft, fluffy centre – scrumptiously delightful!


Ending the meal off with a machiato and a complimentary Greek digestive – Mastika. Nice touch!


Tasty, well executed food and exceptional service by our friendly Italian waiter – worth the 12.5% surcharge.

Food (pre-theatre deal) + drinks + service = £50-55pp

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x

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