Restaurant María Luisa (Ibiza)

Venture out to the west coast of Ibiza for some good quality seafood and one of the tastiest paella you’ll ever eat at Restaurant María Luisa. Located on the beachfront of Cala Vedella, making it a great spot for lunch when hitting the beach – a real shame the weather is not in our favour this time around though….just our luck! Anywho, let’s skip the tanning for today and head on over to stuff our bellies full of food instead.

Lunch with a view, albeit overcast!

We arrive about 15 mins earlier than the official opening time (1pm) and are kindly welcomed into the restaurant. Seated on an outside table under the canopy, safeguarding us from the [unusual] blistering cold wind for this time of year.

Kicking off with some warm crusty bread, served with garlicy aioli and plump, juicy olives. Nice!

Bread with aioli and olives to start

Baby squid for starters. A good squeeze of lemon over these bad boys and you’re ready to go. Soft and succulent pieces of baby squid encased in a light, crispy and well seasoned batter. Yummo!


And now for the star of the show…

Our waitress proudly brings out a pan of the fish and seafood paella (as recommended). What a generous serving….Could have easily fed 3 (even by my standards!). She individually plates up and serves us at our table.

Fish and seafood paella

Ohhh yeah…that aroma bouncing off the plate is enough to get my taste buds jumping for joy. Let’s tuck in! MmmMm….flavours of fresh seafood bursting throughout the whole dish. The rice cooked perfectly with just the right amount of bite, the quality and variety of the ever so tasty seafood – prawns, langoustines, crab, mussels, fish, squid and octopus…a seafood lover’s dream. Deeeeeeelish!!

Fish and Seafood paella – delish!

Paella and seafood craving satisfied in one hit! Double bonus! Bad weather [slightly] redeemed.

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x

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