Cas Costas (Ibiza)

Another cold, wet and windy day here in Ibiza so what better way to make the most of our stay than to stuff our faces with more food. That’s the beauty of my favourite pastime…it’s not weather dependent! This time, we hit up Cas Costas Grill & Market – a bustling restaurant specialising in grilled meats and traditional Mediterranean cuisine.


Grilled octopus to start. Now the best octopus I’ve ever had was at El Meson de Cervantes in Malaga (you can read about it here) but this starter has triumphantly taken the title. The octopus was perfectly cooked. Nice, tender pieces whilst still achieving the charcoal crispiness that comes from being thrown on the barbecue – luscious! Smashed potatoes covered in pesto with shards of crisp samphire, all lightly drizzled in olive oil. Every element on this dish served a purpose and married together nicely to create this perfectly executed starter. I could’ve had this over and over again!

Grilled octopus

The meaty business begins. Out comes the slow cooked lamb shank that’s finished off on the barbecue. Soft, juicy delicate pieces falling off the bone. What was missing though was a nice sauce to bring it altogether.

Lamb shank

Tender, succulent piece of fillet mignon, cooked medium rare and melt-in-your-mouth quality. Especially with the chimichurri sauce!

Fillet mignon

A couple of tasty sides to go with. A mix of grilled vegetables – courgette, aubergine, asparagus, sweet potato, tomatoes, mushroom, onions in a lovely romesco sauce. Delish! Thinly sliced deep fried potatoes, great crunch with roasted peppers, red onions and fried garlic. So crunchy that a fork won’t do the job…best to use your hands for this!

Finishing off with my good ol’ favourite brownie. Nice and chocolatey with chunks of walnuts throughout. So good that I’ll forgive the texture resembling more of a really moist cake, rather than a brownie.


Overall, another delightful meal to ease our sorrows from the bad weather. I’ll definitely return if not for the brownie but for the octopus alone!

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x

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