Time to burn off the calories, scenic style!

Woke up to a clear day today…hooray! After a few days of (unusual) rain here in Ibiza, the sun has finally come out to play. Yay! Now this is more like it. A perfect day for a beautiful coastal walk methinks, given I’d spent the entire time indoors stuffing my face! Armed with a hat, water and some packed lunch and we’re ready to go! Forgot the sunscreen oops! Never mind. Drove about an hour north to kick start our 13 km hike near Cap de Sa Galera.

And we’re off!

We set off on our upwards hike. 10 minutes in and I’m already starting to break a sweat. Oh dear! About 20 minutes on the road and we reach the first of many viewpoints. Ah what a sight!

img_7937And the coastal part of the walk continues to offer breathtaking panoramic views of the sea. Ahhhh now this is definitely my kinda workout!


About an hour in and guess what time it is….LUNCHTIME! My fave part of the day!


We find a little platform on the cliff of the mountain and stop off for a bite to eat, looking down at the sea below with the waves gently breaking into the rocks – talk about lunch with a view!


We carry on walking alongside the coast.


Before spotting a hidden pocket of turquoise beauty – Es Portitxol

img_0034Another good spot for lunch. Second portion time! We park ourselves at a spot right in front of the stunning turquoise water and enjoy watching the waves crash onto the shore. img_0037img_0043

Now for the challenge ahead. There’s a clear trail going up the mountain but that meant going back on ourselves.  So what do we choose to do instead?!….We decide to go offtrack in a more [what appeared to be] direct route upwards. Boy were we wrong! An hour of steep, uphill rocky terrain that certainly put our glutes to work. So much for a shortcut!


Alas! We’re back on track, albeit completely spent from our gladiator type trek upwards. We’re on the home stretch now. We walk past various farm lands and olive groves approaching the end of the route.


Just over 4 hours later, including 2 lunch breaks and a pit stop at Can Sulayetas and we’re at the finish line! Wooohooo! An intermediate hike with parts of slightly rough terrain but rewarded by the beautiful coastal scenery.

My glutes won’t be thanking me for it tomorrow though. Ouch!

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x




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