Restaurante La Paloma (Ibiza)

So glad we were able to secure a last minute booking at Restaurante la Paloma – a lovely farmhouse restaurant serving up Mediterranean cuisine using fresh ingredients grown on site.

We arrive for our 8pm dinner reservation and are politely greeted by the warm and friendly staff. We are seated in a dimly lit dining room, giving off a romantic feel.

Entrance to La Paloma

The menu changes according to what’s in season. Our super helpful waiter takes his time to explain his recommendations and we kindly oblige. We opt for some freshly baked homemade bread served with a tasty olive tapenade and soy and beer yeast infused butter – what a great way to spruce up butter! At this point, we are almost in danger of filling up on the carby stuff before the food even comes out.

Homemade bread

To start, our salmon ceviche and charred aubergine is served.

The beautifully presented ceviche is made up of fresh chunks of organic salmon partially cooked from the acidity of the lime used in the light and tangy dressing. Different flavours and textures with every mouthful – sweet notes of ripe mango pieces with the salmon one bite, whilst another bite filled with finely chopped cubes of fresh cucumber, and thin slices of chilli adding a subtle kick to the dish.

Salmon ceviche

The aubergine that’s been charred directly over open flames, is sliced open and served flat with the burnt peel acting as a plate to hold the smoked flesh. A layer of tahini, honey and goat’s yoghurt sauce is evenly spread across the cooked aubergine and topped with a form of crushed red pepper and garlic salsa. A spoon is given, allowing us to scoop up what resembles a deconstructed baba ghanoush onto the warm slices of pita bread. Oh my! What a flavour combination – smokiness, nutty, tangy, garlicy all in one. Coupled with the homemade labaneh served on the side and we have a marvellously executed dish. I find myself scraping every last bit of the smokey stuff, down to the burnt edges.

Charred aubergine, pita bread and homemade labaneh cheese

Now onto our mains.

Out comes the tagliatelli (closer to pappardelle) with a ragu of beef and duck, cooked down till the flavours are released to form a great tasting meat sauce. A bowl of freshly made pasta, steaming hot and savoury with a good mix of both meat juices reduced with concentrated sweet tomatoes and aromatic herbs. Didn’t quite reach the depth of rich, meatiness flavour, which I’ve had the privilege of experiencing in Bologna (the home of ragu) although still a good ragu, nonetheless!

Homemade tagliatelle with beef and duck ragu

The veal stracotto, a slowly cooked stew, resulting in tender, succulent slices of veal shin immersed in a sauce that’s rich, hearty and ever so tasty! The polenta was so smooth, creamy and buttery that it could’ve easily been mistaken for mashed potato.

Veal stracotto

Ending the meal on a high with the Valrhona chocolate fondant. Meltingly soft centre oozes out as I glide the spoon through the delightful dessert. Absolutely nailed it!

Chocolate fondant served with vanilla ice cream

A couple of machiatos to digest it all…in such cute little cups and saucers.

Nice courtyard in a rural setting

A great venue for large groups or a romantic dinner. Get yourself booked in and take the drive up north of the island for an incredibly satisfying meal. I guarantee it’ll be worth your while!

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x

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