Can Pujol (Ibiza)

For a dose of some of the freshest seafood in Ibiza, make sure you head on over to Can Pujol to get your fix! This beachfront restaurant on the west coast of the island specialises in good quality seafood cooked to perfection. Starting off with bread, olives and their homemade aioli - garlicy goodness! We order... Continue Reading →

Meat feast at Cami de Balafia (Ibiza)

Attention all vegans, look away now! This one is for the meat lovers out there. Do yourself a favour and make a trip out to Restaurante Cami de Balafia to chow down on  grilled meats marinated and barbecued to perfection. As it's only open for lunch during the off-season, we took advantage of the quiet period given... Continue Reading →

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