Meat feast at Cami de Balafia (Ibiza)

Attention all vegans, look away now!

This one is for the meat lovers out there. Do yourself a favour and make a trip out to Restaurante Cami de Balafia to chow down on  grilled meats marinated and barbecued to perfection. As it’s only open for lunch during the off-season, we took advantage of the quiet period given it’s usually difficult to get a table.

Alfresco dining

Fresh salad of tomatoes, lettuce and onions drizzled in olive oil (€3,40pp) and crispy thin slices of fried potatoes (€3,40pp) are both ordered as starters but be sure to leave some for the meaty good stuff – that’s all you need as sides.

Crispy fried potatoes

Go for the mixed grill (€25,80pp) which requires minimum 2 people to order and sample a bit of everything. A mountain of juicy and succulent barbecued meats ranging from entrecôte, lamb chops, pork chops, rabbit and chicken. Every cut has been perfectly marinated and seasoned. No sauce required. Mmmmmm……Simply mouthwatering!

Mixed grill

Then end with a Flao (€7,00) – a traditional Ibizan dessert that is a cross between a cheesecake and an egg tart. More savoury than sweet with hints of mint. Strangely moreish.



Be wary that prices on the menu are charged per person for the salad and potatoes and remember, cash only!

Expect honest barbecued meats, no bells and whistles. Simple and delicious. You’ll walk out with a belly full of meat and a huge smile on your face.

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x


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