Can Pujol (Ibiza)

For a dose of some of the freshest seafood in Ibiza, make sure you head on over to Can Pujol to get your fix! This beachfront restaurant on the west coast of the island specialises in good quality seafood cooked to perfection.

Outdoor dining room

Starting off with bread, olives and their homemade aioli – garlicy goodness! We order a bottle of the house white (€17.00) which goes down well, too well actually!


Then follows a plate of luscious pieces of squid (€20.00), sauteed with thinly sliced potatoes, red peppers, garlic and onions – a real flavour sensation to whet the appetite.


The special mixed grill (€34 per person) is brought to the table and I am super impressed with the portion. There’s a minimum order of 2 for this dish. A good variety of fish and shellfish along with sauteed potatoes.

Special Mixed Grill

The waiter portions up the seafood at our table, leaving us with a second helping.

Every item assembling the mixed grill is extremely fresh as though it had just been plucked out of the sea.

One portion

A real shame the canopy was closed, this would’ve been a beautiful sunset.

Sunset view

Ending the meal with tiramisu (€6.50) and machiato.

Prices are on the exxy side but given the quality and portions, it’s justifiable.

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x


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