Tucked away on a tiny street just a minute walk from Monument station is Mber – a swanky underground bar and restaurant serving up Pan-Asian tapas. The menu consists of a variety of seafood, meat and veggie small plates with East-Asian flavours. Sharing menus are also available to give you a taster of key dishes – great for large groups and/or indecisive types like myself! We opted for the ‘Regular Tasting Experience’ (as opposed to the Vegetarian) of 9 dishes £39.50pp.

Dishes ranging from crispy squid, chicken satay to roasted duck bao buns – all tasted fresh and well seasoned.  A bit cheeky of them to count jasmine rice as a dish [it’s an accompaniment for the curry] so it was really 8.5 dishes in total. Still enough to touch the sides though.

The highlight for me was the yellowfin tuna sashimi garnished with black truffle salsa. Dipped in a mix of soy, orange and ponzu sauce.

Yellowfin tuna sashimi

Another standout dish was the tiger fillet steak; sliced and cooked medium rare and served with a papaya and coriander salad. Dressed with smashed lemongrass and lime with a hint of chilli to give it a nice kick – great combo of textures and flavours. Given my dinner date doesn’t eat red meat, I was lucky enough to have this dish all to myself.  #winning!

Weeping tiger fillet

The ginger panna cotta with slices of poached pear was light and ‘wobbly’ –  almost served as a palette cleanser. Paired with 2 shots of sake – citrus and plum.

The peanut butter parfait was quite dense and the chocolate mousse only added to the richness of the dessert. Some might find it too rich but as a big sweet tooth, I didn’t mind it at all. 

Peanut butter parfait

Overall, a good dining experience. The dishes weren’t mind blowing but all very tasty nonetheless. You’d be pleasantly surprised stepping into this hidden gem. A great spot for group celebrations or a surefire way to impress a date. Food is reasonably priced, given the quality. Just watch out for the drink prices – they will sting you!

Till next time…Oustkies!

Srey x


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