London lockdown – my view in isolation…

We’re now in our fourth week of lockdown here in London and just how am I coping? Well as a true extrovert who thrives off human interaction….not very well, but I’m hanging in there! I’ve practically been in isolation since 13th March (which landed on a Friday OooO!) as work ordered us to work from home. Not the best time to be working remotely, having just started my new job less than a month before but hey, I could be a lot worse off. I should really be thankful that my job is not affected and I can carry on working – unlike those who have unfortunately been severely impacted by this outbreak. Crazy, crazy times! Normal life as we know it has bizarrely turned into a somewhat sombre existence.

A few days into isolation and it appeared my kitchen was the hotspot to be. Constantly in and out, eating anything in sight for no apparent reason other than boredom. If I continued down this path, I’d emerge from this outbreak twice the size with half my self-esteem left.

Luckily, I’ve managed to establish some sort of structure to my days – morning workout, getting dressed for work, making sure to step away from the screen for a much-needed break and ensuring I’m logged off at a decent time. So how have I been filling in the rest of the time that I now have on my hands? Apart from blogging, I’ve picked up a new hobby – pottery. Right before this all kicked off, I attended a pottery class where I tried my hand at sculpting pieces with air drying clay. Nothing that needs a wheel or kiln etc and depending on the pieces, requires minimal skill.

My first masterpiece 🙂

I’ve also tried my hand at baking, plenty of it! Bread of all sorts – white loaf, wholemeal, banana, focaccia and flatbread. Experimenting, failing and nevertheless, trying again. The aroma of freshly baked bread straight out of the oven is really something else. And knowing how economical it is to make your own, why would you turn back to store bought again?!


In the past, I’ve been guilty of killing almost every single one of my houseplants due to neglect (or ignorance!) so I figured why not give it another crack given I’ve got all this free time to ‘nurture’ them. And just how have I done so far? Well they’re still looking alive and well – yay! Let’s see how long that lasts…

Surprisingly, I’ve yet to suffer from cabin fever – I guess the walks I’ve been taking as my ‘one form of daily exercise’ helps. So with my new found hobbies keeping me busy, it’s fair to say that I’m slowly getting into the swing of things and adjusting to this new way of life. Although, ask me again in a few weeks time and that could all change!

Till next time…


Srey x




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