Sunny strolls and lamingtons

Another weekend has gone by. Feels like the days are all gelling into one for me as I sometimes lose track of what day it is. It’s still such a wonderful feeling waking up and realising you don’t have to log on for work (no matter how short the distance to the living room is). Long lie-ins, lazy starts and leisurely strolls sums up my weekend. The sun was out in all it’s glory and what better way to bask in that sunshine than to go for a lovely walk around the neighbourhood – still adhering to social distancing of course. Discovering lakes in parklands I didn’t know existed.

Admiring lovely Victorian houses lined up beautifully and cheekily peering in to gaze at the decor. Just can’t help myself! To be fair, why leave your windows open to the world to see? They’re asking for it!

And ending the weekend with a little piece of home – freshly baked lamingtons, an Aussie buttery sponge cake coated in chocolate and desiccated coconut. First attempt a success, thanks to Nagi! Freezing the sponge before dipping was an absolute gamechanger. Love all her recipes – simple and delish!

Hope you’re finding inventive ways to keep busy and sane amidst the outbreak. Stay safe folks!

Till next time…


Srey x

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