Getting crafty in quarantine

Considering it’s an absolute mission to get my hands on flour these days – the stuff is like gold dust (damn all you aspiring bakers!), I’ve taken to making my own flour. Oat flour that is! So quick and easy to make. Just whizz up whatever quantity you need in a blender and Bob’s your uncle! You can basically grind up any grain or seed and turn it into flour – rice, quinoa, corn and barley just to name a few. Gave this honey oat bread a crack and it turned out alright. Obviously not the same texture achieved with plain flour – a lot more crumbly. Leave it to rest for a day and it should be fine. A good alternative!

Honey oat bread

Given there’s only so much I can do with oat flour, in the meantime….I’ve slightly shifted my interest from baking to continue my new-found passion for pottery. I’ve managed to add a few more pieces to my collection.


There’s just something so therapeutic about sculpting and ever so gently massaging the clay, I could sit for hours doing just that. Seeing my little projects come to life makes it so rewarding too.


My latest creation – a seal that I winged, which I haven’t quite found a purpose for yet. Any suggestions?!


Who would’ve thought I’d get so much pleasure out of modelling clay. And it also keeps me out of the kitchen pantry for a change. I’m not gonna lie, I started out with good intentions but to accommodate the iso padding, have now unashamedly transitioned from living in jeans to leggings – elasticated waist…..Oooh yeah!

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x


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