Opa…and off to Greece I go!

With this pandemic and work commitments, it’s been what feels like forever since I’ve had a proper break …so much so that I’ve found myself with a surplus of leave at this time of year. Despite not having anything planned, I booked a week off work for the sake of it – figured I’d at... Continue Reading →

Getting crafty in quarantine

Considering it's an absolute mission to get my hands on flour these days - the stuff is like gold dust (damn all you aspiring bakers!), I've taken to making my own flour. Oat flour that is! So quick and easy to make. Just whizz up whatever quantity you need in a blender and Bob's your... Continue Reading →

Sunny strolls and lamingtons

Another weekend has gone by. Feels like the days are all gelling into one for me as I sometimes lose track of what day it is. It's still such a wonderful feeling waking up and realising you don't have to log on for work (no matter how short the distance to the living room is).... Continue Reading →

Chorizo Pasta Bake

Who doesn't love a good pasta bake? Seeing as I ran out of onions and couldn't find any in stock for my home delivery, I used shallots for this recipe as a substitute instead. The chorizo really is the star of this dish and adds a depth of flavour to the sauce. A satisfying meal... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Chip Cookies

There's nothing quite like biting into a freshly baked cookie straight out of the oven. Warm, soft centre that's ever so delectable. Mmmm it'll be hard not to stop after one and given how quick and easy this recipe is, you'd think twice about having any store-bought cookie again. What you'll need: 150g softened salted... Continue Reading →


A place that always has a queue forming outside no matter the weather, has gotta be good! Milk - one of Balham's best places for brunch. Food is great, coffee is good and the vibe is buzzing.   Smashed avo (my fave!) and sweet corn fritters are a hit - just be sure to order a... Continue Reading →


Tucked away on a tiny street just a minute walk from Monument station is Mber - a swanky underground bar and restaurant serving up Pan-Asian tapas. The menu consists of a variety of seafood, meat and veggie small plates with East-Asian flavours. Sharing menus are also available to give you a taster of key dishes -... Continue Reading →

Brother Marcus – Angel

Wander a few minutes walk from Angel tube station and you'll find Brother Marcus - a cosy restaurant serving up delicious Mediterranean small plates with Greek influences. Unlike it's sister restaurant in Balham that only specialises in brunch, this joint offers all-day dining with an evening menu guaranteed to excite your taste buds. Enjoy a... Continue Reading →

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