Opa…and off to Greece I go!

With this pandemic and work commitments, it’s been what feels like forever since I’ve had a proper break …so much so that I’ve found myself with a surplus of leave at this time of year. Despite not having anything planned, I booked a week off work for the sake of it – figured I’d at... Continue Reading →

Getting crafty in quarantine

Considering it's an absolute mission to get my hands on flour these days - the stuff is like gold dust (damn all you aspiring bakers!), I've taken to making my own flour. Oat flour that is! So quick and easy to make. Just whizz up whatever quantity you need in a blender and Bob's your... Continue Reading →

Sunny strolls and lamingtons

Another weekend has gone by. Feels like the days are all gelling into one for me as I sometimes lose track of what day it is. It's still such a wonderful feeling waking up and realising you don't have to log on for work (no matter how short the distance to the living room is).... Continue Reading →

A short trip to Cape Town

Cape Town is a mixture of stunning landscapes - mountainous ranges, beautiful coasts surrounding buzzing streets and not to mention....a culinary haven for foodies and wine lovers! Let me start by pointing out that a weekend is nowhere near enough time to fully explore Cape Town, but I made the most of the 2 days... Continue Reading →

My first 1st class experience

There's nothing better than kicking off a long haul journey across the globe with a nice, relaxing massage - eliminating all the stress that comes with travelling. I make sure to take advantage of this complimentary service offered at Cape Town's SLOW Lounge ahead of boarding my flight to Johannesburg. A strategic decision is made... Continue Reading →

A whole new flying experience

I've heard so many great [and not so great but I'll address that in another post] things about Cape Town. So imagine my level of excitement when I was asked to fly here for work. Having never flown anything but economy before, I was super ecstatic to finally experience how the other half fly. Bags... Continue Reading →

Time to reminisce, the two weeks of bliss…

We opted for Oleo Cancun Playa Boutique Resort, located south of the hotel strip on Zona Hotelera – away from the party area. The guests consisted of mainly couples and although family friendly, there were no kids in sight. That said, it’s also not the kind of place you would pick for a stag/bucks or a hen do. Our room was spacious and modern with a breath-taking ocean view.

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