Spring is in full swing

And so is the damn pollen count. It’s strange though, I’ve never been one susceptible to hayfever in the past, but this season is proving to be one hell of a mission to get past the symptoms. Itchy and watery eyes, itchy and runny nose and the most annoying part is the constant sneezing argh! Now I know it’s bad to hold a sneeze in but if I didn’t suppress my sneezes, it will not be a pleasant sight, or sound for that matter.  A few days ago I suffered a marathon of sneezes…seven simultaneously – I kid you not! Now these weren’t my ordinary lady like sneezes that I put on. I’m talking full throttle here. I came out from it feeling all dazed and a little woozy. Luckily there was nobody around to witness my debacle. I’m really hoping this blows over.


On the plus side, waking up to a ray of sunshine each day-despite having to get up really early, makes that journey to work slightly more bearable. As you fellow early risers may know – every precious minute counts in the morning! I sacrifice the time I would take getting ready for a little more snooze time in my warm comfy bed. I practically roll out of bed and straight into work these days. So if you do happen to bump into someone that resembles an uglier, more tired looking version of me…it more than likely is me – makeup free! Yes, I’ve given up the wonders of cosmetics during the week and have settled for the raw face you see Monday-Thursday. With Friday being the exception as that’s the day I come out to play!

Till next time…Outskies!

Srey x

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